BACI: 2015-2019


BACI in ESA news: Sentinels accelerate monitoring of forest change
Date: 21.03.2017
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BACI publication in Nature Ecology and Evolution: Improved tree-ring archives will support earth-system science.
Date: 24.01.2017
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BACI publication in Nature Ecology and Evolution: Stand age and species richness dampen interannual variation of ecosystem-level photosynthetic capacity.
Date: 23 January 2017
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BACI publication in Nature: Compensatory water effects link yearly global land CO2 sink changes to temperature.
Date: 16 January 2017
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Workshop on ecological monitoring in Medellín (Colombia).
Date: 21–25 November, 2016
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New BACI paper submitted: Multivariate Anomaly Detection for Earth Observations: A Comparison of Algorithms and Feature Extraction Techniques. Earth System Dynamics-Discussions.
Date: November 2016
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BACI paper in Nature geoscience: Biomass turnover time in terrestrial ecosystems halved by land use.
Date: 22 August, 2016
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BACI Progress and review meeting (Jena).
Date: 06-09 June, 2016
Agenda:BACI Progress and review meeting

BACI will be presented at the Living Planet Symposium.
Date: 09-13 May, 2016
Location: Prague, Czech Republic. Link: Living Planet Symposium.

BACI becomes associate partner to EU BON project
Date: 18 February, 2016
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BACI paper in Nature Climate Change : Combining satellite data for better tropical forest monitoring
Date: 27 January, 2016
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WORKSHOP: Remote sensing applications related to land use-change
Date: 09-11 November, 2015
Location: Vienna, Austria
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Contact:Karl-Heinz Erb

WORKSHOP: Remote sensing and ecosystem monitoring
Date: 21-23 October, 2015
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Link: Workshop invitation
Contact: Brody Sandel