BACI: 2015-2019



BACI has two means for sharing data: The GWS at CEDA and the BACI data exchange portal.

Collaborative Infrastructure

Group Work Spaces (GWS) are portions of storage allocated for particular projects to manage themselves, enabling collaborating scientists to share high-performance disk storage. Users can pull data from external sites to shared storage, process and analyze their data, and where allowed, exploit data available from other group workspaces and from the CEDA archive. GWSs are often provided in conjunction with project-specific computing resources, configured and deployed as virtual machines in the JASMIN infrastructure Data in a GWS are the responsibility of the designated manager Mathias Disney (UCL).

BACI data exchange portal

The Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry developed a web based data portal through which data can be shared project internally or externally by researchers from different locations

Data use policy

BACI has developed a data use policy that needs to be accepted by all data users. In particular, this data policy takes the BACI participation in the H2020 pilot action on open access to research data into consideration.

BACI partners aim to be as open as possible in terms of data access and data sharing as requested by the pilot action of on open access to research data by the EU. Hence the consortium has chosen the most open data policy possible.

The data sharing approach trusts in the principle that sharing data opens more possibilities for collaborations and increases the potential for generating more interesting results thanks to the involvement of groups with different backgrounds, experiences and interests.

The BACI consortium may include data from project-external groups in its data repositories that could be interested or not in scientific collaborations. Data not generated in the context of BACI have to be treated according to their respective data policy (if no other explicit agreement with BACI has been established).

The BACI consortium aims at fostering “data providers” to have the opportunity to participate in scientific activities and discoveries based on their products. Ideally data providers have the option to be involved in the paper writing process wherever justified i.e. adhering to the common rules of good scientific practice. “Data providers” should have the priority in case of conflicting interests, when for example too similar analyses are planned or ongoing.

The BACI consortium follows the idea that “general users” rather subscribe to a data set than simply download it. The registration is not intended to limit data use, rather registration of General users guarantees:
• Having a means to contact general users in cases where data errors or processing bugs have been identified or important updates of the data have been released.
• “Data providers” can receive digest on data subscripts/downloads in order to understand the level of interest in their sites and the project coordinator and database manager evaluate the interest in the project data.
• “Data providers” have the opportunity to get in contact with “general users” to express their interest in becoming involved in the scientific explorations of their products.
This approach requires data download to be tracked and the user information to be stored by the BACI consortium.

Data access and use regulation: The data provided by BACI are licensed by the "Data licence Germany – attribution – Version 2.0"