BACI: 2015-2019



BACI´s Deliverables with dissemination level public will be made available at this webpage. If the status of "Dissimination level" is coloured, it has been finalized, approved by the EU, and can be downloaded here on click.

Deliverable Title Dissemination level
D1.1 Implementation of a BACI project management tool
D1.2 Organization of Data Management Plan for BACI products public
D2.1 Summary of available archived optical (UCL) microwave (FSU) low-level and derived products public
D2.2 Definition and specification of protocols for merging EO data and specification of ‘state vector’ public Δ
D2.3 Delivery of (additional) archived products to the CEMS (Climate and Environmental Monitoring from Space) facility in agreed formats
D2.4 Delivery of prototype software for merging system to Rezatec
D2.5 Delivery of system state vector data including end-to-end testing results at identified sites, regions public
D2.6 Summary of exploitation of EO merging system, refinements, recommendations public
D3.1 Synthesis dataset of plant traits and phenology characterized by uncertainty estimation public
D3.2 Synthesis data product of ecosystem parameters derived at Fluxnet sites, characterized by uncertainty estimation public
D3.3 Synthesis dataset of tree ring records, with uncertainty analysis public
D3.4 Synthesis dataset of biodiversity in plants and birds public
D3.5 Collection of LiDAR derived vegetation structure and biomass data, including inventory information public
D4.1 Scientific Report of newly developed machine learning techniques for upscaling EEVs and EFPs public
D4.2 Global products of FLUXNET derived ecosystem functional properties at annual time scale with quantified uncertainties public
D4.3 Spatialized and yearly resolved tree ring widths for Europe public
D4.4 Global products of carbon and energy fluxes derived from upscaling FLUXNET observations that resolve the diurnal cycle public
D4.5 Global products of plant trait phenologies public
D5.1 First Methods for Novelty Detection for Synthetic Change Index public
D5.2 Methods for Multivariate Novelty Detection for Synthetic Change Index public
D5.3 Algorithms for Interactive User Feedback for Model Analysis and Improvement public
D5.4 Methods for Attribution Scheme and Near Real-Time BACI public
D6.1 Validation framework and description of regional validation sites public
D6.2 Product comparison and validation report public
D6.3 Synthesis paper on suitability and limitation of BACI for monitoring ecosystem changes public
D7.1 Identification of promising applications for EO for land system science and sustainability science based on a user consultation workshop public
D7.2 Report on global demand and for land-based products, and inputs in the land system in decadal time series at the global level public
D7.3 Report on detailed land use change at the national and regional level, including an assessment of economic, social, political and institutional drivers of change public
D7.4 Report on the socio-economic drivers of change detected by EOs in relation to other drivers public
D8.1 BACI products science consultation workshop
D8.2 A pan-European assessment of the conservation status of Natura 2000 protected areas public
D8.3 Validation of European space data layers for biodiversity monitoring public
D8.4 Species distribution models calibrated for a large number of European birds and plants, built on high-resolution remote sensing layers and continually updated as new data becomes available public
D8.5 EO-based maps of the vulnerability of biodiversity (integrating independently estimated biodiversity vulnerability with RS estimates of ecosystem change) public
D9.1 Press release 1 public
D9.2 Press release 2 public
D9.3 Press release 3 public
D9.4 Press release 4 public
D9.5 BACI brochure public
D9.6 Website public