BACI: 2015-2019


EVENT Location Date
BACI final science day and final review meeting Jena, Germany (Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry) 27-28 March, 2019
Workshop - Progress on Biosphere-Atmosphere-Change indices Jena, Germany (Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry) 4-5 February 2019
BACI Workshop on Environmental Informatic Challenges Jena, Germany 19-21 June, 2017
BACI Progress and review meeting Jena, Germany 06-09 June, 2016
Workshop-Remote sensing for land use/change Vienna, Austria 09-11 November, 2015
The workshop aims at identifying knowledge gaps in land system science, and discuss opportunities for improvements resulting from the current and upcoming availability of remote sensing products [...]
Workshop-Remote sensing and ecosystem monitoring Aarhus, Denmark 21-23 October, 2015
The workshop will connect experts in remote sensing, ecosystem monitoring and nature management to guide the future development of remote-sensing based monitoring products [...]
BACI Kick-off meeting Jena, Germany 20-21 May, 2015