BACI: 2015-2019


WP9 Dissemination

Lead: MPG
Main Contact: Miguel Mahecha

BACI has a strong commitment to disseminate the project findings. WP9 is dedicated to coordinate and strengthen the dissemination of the obtained scientific knowledge of BACI and its results to stakeholders, policy-makers, the general public and (in cooperation with WP8) to the user community.

In line with the diversity of target groups also the means of planned dissemination measures vary. Project results will be at major international scientific meetings, conferences and workshops to the scientific community. We obviously aim to publish our BACI results in peer-reviewed open-access journals (see publications). Together with the incorporation of results in teaching and other academic activities helps to divulgate the obtained knowledge among other scientists and students.

The last project meeting will be held in form of a BACI Open Science Conference in order to address a wider range of interested researchers and members of the user community. Further measures to maximize the impact within the research community are synergies with ongoing international research projects where BACI researchers are involved.

To co-orient the progress of BACI with a specific emphasis on the question how to embed the products and advances in international policy and research activities, it has been established an external Scientific Advisory Board formed by experts from relevant research fields (see consortium).

A strong link and close interaction with the user community is crucial. User consultation workshops (held by WP 8) are one of several activities to ensure a close interaction between BACI researchers and user community stakeholders.

Besides the research and user community, we also want to address the more general public with our dissemination measures. To inform the public about the projects aims and progress, a BACI webpage will be released at the start of the project and continuously updated throughout the project duration and, maintained at least 2 years after the projects end. In order to address a wider public, at least 4 press releases are planned within the project execution. Further dissemination measures of BACI results to a wider public will be the participation at science events for the wider public such as e.g., the “Long Night of Science”. The involvement of BACI-scientists in policy-relevant boards further contributes to strengthen the distribution and implementation of BACI results.

In summary the dissemination and exploitation of BACI results comprise: • user consultation workshops • scientific conferences, meetings, workshops • BACI Open Science Conference • peer-reviewed publications • teaching • synergies with ongoing European research projects • BACI data portal - downstream data exchange platform • BACI project web page • press releases • BACI-scientists involvement in policy-relevant boards • BACI´s external Scientific Advisory Board